Oceanaire Unit Questionaire

Owner Name:
1. Which of the following applies to you?

2. Date the following areas were most recently remodeled in your unit:
Guest Bathroom
Master Bathroom
3. Were the main common area pipes replaced during the renovations listed above?
Guest Bathroom
Master Bathroom
4. Have any HVAC components been removed or rerouted in your unit?
If yes, please provide a brief description.
5. Are there any strange odors coming from your plumbing?
If yes, please provide a brief description.
6. Were your windows upgraded to the Fleetwood Norwood 3000 Series?
If so, when?
7. Do you have hard surface flooring in your living room or any bedroom that was installed prior to June 25, 1997?
8. Does any occupant of your unit at Oceanaire smoke?
9. Do you (or your tenant if not owner occupied) own a plug in electric vehicle? Are you (or your tenant) considering the purchase of a plug in electric vehicle and if so, how soon?
10. Do you have an extra parking space at Oceanaire that you would consider leasing on a monthly basis to another resident?
11. Are you interested in leasing an additional parking space from another owner?
12. Are you interested in leasing your unused storage space to another resident?
13. Do you have tiling or other flooring installed on your balcony?
14. Do you subscribe to internet service in your unit? If so, is it through Time Warner or Verizon? Are you satisfied with the service / reliability?
15. Do you subscribe to any channels over and above what is included in the HOA bulk package through Time Warner Cable? If so, which channels?
16. How many cable boxes do you have in your unit? Are they receivers or DVRs?
17. Are there any amenities or additional services you would like to see at Oceanaire?
18. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your unit? Unique design features, issues, etc.?

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